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artist statement


Candy Paint

Strickfaden’s current body of work showcases dynamic interplays of various themes, including material exploration, abstract expression, color theory and collage techniques. Once the initial base is prepared, a minimalist underpainting is created, followed by an addition of a second layer of modern shapes. Crafted through spontaneous variations in color and form, these pieces are meticulously layered, unveiling textures, and thin subtle reveals of the underlying painting.

The artist draws inspiration primarily from her daily surroundings and the music resonating in her studio, infusing the titles of her works with musicality. This results in a distinctive artistic language that communicates emotional memories through the interplay of shape, color, line, and space. The use of neutral tones juxtaposed with vibrant, postmodern shapes, delicate pastel linework, and revealing textures creates a captivating composition that tells a story of a painting beneath. Carefully selected color palettes contribute to the dynamic variations and spontaneity in her art.



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