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f l o a t e r  f r a m e s 

Floater Frames now available for originals and reproductions on canvas. The paintings "float" in the frame, with 1/4" spacing.  Contact the artist for size specifications and pricing information, or additional photos.
Wood Tones

From Top:


Rustique Walnut

Cross Grain Walnut

Dark Walnut

Natural Walnut


Natural Maple



Metallics and White

From Top:


Rustique Driftwood**

Silver Grey

White Driftwood

Grey Driftwood

Black Driftwood


**top seller frames


From Top:


Antiqued Silver

Silver Leaf

Antiqued Gold 

Gold Leaf

Bright Gold


Antique Gold/Espresso (shown below)

"Tangerine" is framed in Cherry

"Dawn Breaking" is framed in Driftwood Buff

"Earth is Alive" is framed in Rustique Driftwood

"Summer Storm" is framed in White 

"Misted Landscape" is framed in Rustique Walnut

"Sunset Oceanscape" is framed in Antique Gold/Espresso

"Abstract Oceanscape" is framed in Silver Leaf

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