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Tricia Strickfaden, an abstract expressionist, self-taught modern artist, embarked on her artistic journey after years in the interior design industry. Concurrently working as a designer, she honed and evolved her craft, steadily garnering a dedicated following. The influence of LA's vibrant and urban lifestyle permeates her modern art, particularly evident in the latest works.


Strickfaden’s current body of work showcases dynamic interplays of various themes, including material exploration, abstract expression, color theory and collage techniques in mixed media on canvas. Once the initial textural base on the canvas is prepared, a minimalist underpainting is created, followed by additional layers of modern shapes. Crafted through spontaneous variations in color and form, these pieces are layered through translucency, textures, and thin subtle reveals of the underlying paintings.

The artist draws inspiration primarily from modern design, and the music resonating in her studio, infusing the titles of her works with musicality. This results in a distinctive artistic language that communicates emotional memories through the interplay of shape, color, line, and space. Neutral tones juxtaposed with vibrant postmodern shapes, delicate pastel linework, and evocative textures create captivating compositions that reveal layered narratives. Carefully curated color palettes contribute to the dynamic variations and spontaneity to her art. Her pieces echo midcentury modern influences, thoughtfully designed to enhance contemporary spaces. Her work has been featured in charity auctions, residential and commercial design projects, galleries nationwide, and collaborations with brands like Ann Taylor, One Kings Lane, Williams-Sonoma Home, and the Coastal Living Magazine Showhouse.

Strickfaden's commitment to her craft is fueled by a continuous study of modern design, color, and art, finding inspiration in the beauty of everyday life.



Southern California artist Tricia Strickfaden showcases her work at Ann Taylor clothing retailers.

Los Angeles, CA (Feb 2019) Tricia Strickfaden, ( a Southern California abstract artist and painter, is providing a curated collection of black and white abstract artwork to 180 Ann Taylor retail stores in the US and Canada. Ann Taylor will be featuring nine images per store from her Black and White Abstract and Collage Series on paper.


This black and white series stems from the simplicity of gestural shape and form, with the whimsical and unexpected drips of fluid paint.  Ann Taylor will be showcasing six gestural paintings, and three collage works in each store.


I’m thrilled to be working with a well-known and respected brand such as Ann Taylor. This abstract series is the perfect aesthetic for their beautiful stores and modern clothing line,” said Strickfaden, founder of TS ModernArt Studio.  The clientele will have the opportunity to purchase pieces from the  collection for their home or workspace directly from the artists website. You can view the collection here:

Radiant Spectrum at Mash Gallery March 9-April 20, 2019

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